West Lancs Military Vehicle Trust

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There have been a number of requests sent to MVT members claiming to
originate from a German Television company requesting personal details
of members also claiming that any members nominated would or could be invited to take part in a German TV programme.

This has been dealt with at CoM level and should now be ignored

ALL press enquiries must be passed to Geof Fletcher as the Press Liaison
Officer for the MVT. Failure to clear statements prior to release could
result in inappropriate and possibly detrimental statement being made by  individual members.

It would be a good policy to put out a warning. They are looking for
persons that either belong to a more dubious branch of the hobby, or
better still,one whose marriage or relationship has broken up because of our hobby.

Depend on it, whatever interview may be given, the TV output would not
be flattering. She is a journalist with a hidden agenda. One of those
that would never let the truth get in the way of a good story. You say
one thing and with a bit of dubious editing or a slight mistranslation
into German, the member could be made to look a complete fool. It has
been done before.

I would not touch it with your bargepole let alone one of mine.

The reason that we recommend getting in touch with Geof first is not to
stop members giving interviews, but rather to stop the sort of interview
where the outcome would be embarrassing to the member.

We would not stop a member talking to whomsoever he or she pleases, but we would prefer to be able to warn members of the pitfalls before it
happens so that the member could act appropriately in the circumstances.