West Lancs Military Vehicle Trust

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                                 Code of Conduct                         


The Basic Code of Conduct

Members should not act prejudicial to the interests of the MVT, or bring the reputation of the MVT into disrepute. This includes any act involving any media communication in the public domain.

The following will apply at any event at which MVT members are appearing, whether or not the Trust is involved with the organisation of such an event. It is intended to safeguard both MVT members and public from potentially unacceptable risks and injury.

It is the duty of all members to ensure that their vehicles are maintained in a legal, safe and roadworthy condition.

The MVT is represented by its members and members are deemed to be responsible for the behaviour of their guests. Whether driving, being carried as a passenger or performing safety-oriented duties, standards of deportment and politeness must be maintained so that the Trust is presented to the public as a responsible organisation.

a) Any vehicle being driven should be controlled by the holder of a current full driving license for that class of vehicle, who is driving with the full permission of the owner and, above all, who is familiar with that particular vehicle.
b) Outside public opening times a properly supervised provisional licence holder is permitted to drive provided that the vehicle is displaying 'L' plates and the event organisers have assessed the activity as low risk and have authorised the lessons.
c) At no time should a child or a non-licence holder be in charge or control of a vehicle as this could invalidate any insurance policy. This includes vehicle left with ignition keys in place or with the engine or machinery in motion.

Owners must ensure that their vehicles are covered for public highway use and that all drivers are similarly covered. It is the responsibility of the driver to confirm insurance cover with the owner before taking charge of a vehicle. Vehicles which are trailered to an event require third party insurance if they are to be unloaded and subsequently driven at the event.

Vehicles should move through a showground only in accordance with the wishes of the organisers. Headlamps must be illuminated and horn or siren warnings considered. Vehicles should be driven at a responsible speed at all times, not exceeding the maximum speed limit and  having full regard to the safety of people present at the event.

No vehicle must carry more passengers than the number of seats on that vehicle or more passengers than the insurance policy or driver’s license permits. They must be correctly seated and children properly supervised. On fully armoured, tracked vehicles, no passengers or crew must be carried on the exterior of the vehicle under any circumstances. On amphibious vehicles, all crew and passengers must be equipped with flotation devices or life-jackets when water-borne.

Tracked vehicles should not move through crowds unless absolutely necessary. If movement is necessary responsible adults should walk ahead and to the side of the vehicle to warn members of the public. Judicious use of an advance warning vehicle is recommended. (See 2. above).

If any vehicle has restricted vision, a responsible adult must act as vehicle commander. They must be in voice contact with the driver. It is the commander's responsibility to ensure passenger safety, especially when persons are mounting or dismounting from the vehicle, which should be done under the vehicle commander’s guidance.

Drivers must ensure that any projections outside the normal overall width, length and height of their vehicle such as whip aerials or ring-mounted machine-guns, are properly secured before moving off, especially when moving through crowds or in areas with overhead cables.

Guidance will be provided to all attendees of an event about noise restrictions from the event organisers which should be followed. No excessive noise should be made which could cause a nuisance to others. Generators should not be used on a show site or camping site between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. unless otherwise stated or agreed by the show organisers

All members will carry a suitable, modern type fire extinguisher on their vehicles. All stallholders at MVT events will have a modern type fire extinguisher available within their stall space.

12. PETS
All pet owners bringing their pets to an event must uphold their responsibility to the animal and to other participates by clearing up after their pet.

There must be absolutely no discharge of any firearm, barrelled weapon, thunder flash or other explosive device at any event without prior permission of the organisers. Replica and deactivated guns may be carried during an event provided that they are not loaded, not fitted with a bayonet and not handled by members of the public. They must not be used in such a way as to cause anyone to feel threatened.

Bayonets and knives must not be unsheathed when moving around the showground. They may be unsheathed only as part of a static display of weapons and equipment and must never be left unattended.

Uniforms may be worn outside of events when it enhances the appearance of vehicles or promotes the Trust. Medal ribbons to which the wearer is not entitled should not be worn as this constitutes an offence. Uniforms should be worn correctly and in context. No Nazi symbols or SS uniforms will be permitted at MVT events, failure to comply can lead to expulsion from the event.

Serious infringement of the Code of Conduct at an event will be dealt with by the organisers or any Council member present at the time of the offence and subsequently reported to the MVT CoM by the event organisers for further action if considered necessary